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Guide to Writing a Speech Assignment

When you are on the podium trying your best to compose though tensed, looking at the paper, and you cannot see anything, just confused and pissed off! It happens if you did not prepare enough for your speech. Speech assignment needs time and skill.

Suppose you write a speech and keep practice reading it severally. You will gain confidence and overcome the anxiety of reading it before the crowd. Speech writing is a skill you should build while in school. As you move out of school, you should have the confidence and skills to give compelling speeches.

Why should you take speech writing assignments serous?

As you graduate, you will need to make a speech at several events. If you don't prepare your speech write-up well, you may embarrass yourself before the crowd. Delivering a speech off your head may not be easy for everyone if you had it on a piece of paper to remind you of all the necessary points. Your writing skills will determine your speech delivery. If you get everything right during the writing process, you will have an easy time standing before the crowd. The writing process should therefore take ample time to set everything right.

Where do you start?

Before you begin, understand parts of speech writing assignment. It will guide you on what to do. The following factors will help you in speech writing assignment:

  1. The propose

Understand why you want to deliver a speech. The purpose will help you know what you should include in your write-up. The purpose of writing your speech will also enable you to remain relevant in the entire speech writing process. You will not sneak in irrelevant content if you understand the purpose.

  1. The audience

You are writing a speech to read to your audience. You must know your audience. You should have the demographics, likes, and dislikes. Undemanding your audience will help you write relevant content with a tone friendly to your people.

  1. The environment

The environment where you are writing the speech is also important. You should know whether you will be delivering it in a classroom, teacher staffroom, or any other possible place. It will determine what to include in your speech write-up.

  1. You first impression

Your introduction part should be interesting to capture your audience. Your beginning should be heaty and memorable. Your introduction needs to be curious and charismatic; otherwise, the audience will stop listening to you.

  1. Interaction with audience

When writing your speech, make it more interactive. You should engage the audience's emotions and give them a space to join you in your speech. Punctuate your sentences in your speech which will increase interaction. Use rhetorical questions to engage the audience. Interaction in a speech is one way of being charismatic. Include all the aspects that will keep your speech interactive to the audience.

Use transitional phrases

Your speech should have a flow. The audience should connect your storyline as you read the speech. Transition phrases will help you link your ideas and give your speech a smooth flow. Use phrases such as in a contest, likewise, as a result, among others.


I may not need help with writing my speech homework if I have the above factors in mind. Speech writing needs both time and skill. Once you have all the ideas, you can make a compelling speech that will be memorable to your audience.

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