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Is Urban Graffiti Art Vandalism? Opinion Assignment Writing

If you work along the street of town, you will find graffiti art on the town's streets. Some say that graffiti wall art is a notorious form of urban drawing. You will find this drawing on public property, and private walls that you may think is vandalism. Regardless of where people find this type of art, they consider it illegal. They don't understand that this urban wall art is not vandalism. This type of drawing is part of contemporary art that contributes to the beauty of the town.

Graffiti is not very different from traditional art; it comes out in a modern form that makes it outstanding. Graffiti as an art is not restricted to the street walls. It is sliding its way to galleries. You have heard of artists on social media making their artwork on political, social, and other aspects of life. They may even turn out to be popular because of their artwork. Why is urban art considered vandalism? Do you see a reason why people take it negatively?

Reasons why urban art is not vandalism

  • Beautify the city

Urban art is not vandalism because it greatly contributes to the beauty of the town. You may think it is unnecessary, but when you consider the creativity artists invest in their work, you cannot despise them. The local government should find a way to support their skills and foster creativity in their work.

  • Cary important message

You may be lacking important information that you need to know while walking or driving on the streets. Thanks to creativity in urban street work! Some urban artwork has a design that portrays social issues of importance to the community. It may carry a great message that people need to be aware of. Artwork can be the best mode of communicating sensitive issues in the community that people may shy passing across.

  • Urban art is a representation of the artist goodwill to their city

Urban art is not vandalism. Some artists may go to the street walls to satisfy their burning inner love for one's city. They may be passionate about making their city look attractive. Unfortunately, their efforts are ignored by May, and it takes such great efforts as vandalism. If somebody wants to make their city look beautiful, how is that vandalism?

  • Urban art displays an aspiration of the artist

Urban street art is the best way for an artist to display their creativity—there are several techniques of presenting artwork. You may not have exposure to all forms of artwork technique, but an artist will display all the techniques and creativity in their work. For instance, a traditional form of artwork may include drawing on a piece of paper and layering them on top of the other. The modern artist will find a wall of an abandoned house on the street and create very powerful drawings that colorful the whole place. Additionally, artists can display their new techniques instead of spray graffiti by engraving their images on a public canvas.

  • Urban art simplifies an idea and makes it more compelling

There is no other simper and beautiful way of expressing one's mind than using drawing. An idea will come out strong when presented through drawing. An artist can use their skills and draw on a public canvas that will capture your emotion and get the deeper message of the artist's feeling when presenting their idea.

  • Street walls have multipurpose use

The reason why urban art is not vandalism is that the walls have several uses. They can keep people in or out, hang frames for pictures and drawings. It is, therefore, not wrong to have an artistic drawing on them. Walls are the best place to keep artistic work on the street.


Urban art movement can make use of the urban art gallery in passing information to the community. They should promote urban art galleries from different artists to communicate that urban art is not vandalism. Urban graffiti make town look colorful. Ideas presented through art looks more vivid and compelling.

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