What To Expect From An Accounting Degree Program?

Accounting represents a core discipline and branch of commerce all over the world. For this reason, most students pursue it in college or university at diverse levels. It can entail a diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. level. But what can a student expect when pursuing accounting as a program?

Many students enroll for an accounting course with no idea of what to expect from the course. However, accounting proves a rapidly growing field, especially in the US, for international students who seek degrees besides experience in the states. To become prepared and understand what to expect, you have to continue and consider the following.

Expectations in the Study of Accounting

  • Rigorous coursework. You will always find accounting ranked as an intense major in college. You have to undergo rigorous courses and take diverse subjects. Further, the fundamental coursework needed for accounting can prove daunting as it takes plenty of preparation and studying. Therefore, as a student, you will have to take mathematics, business, economics, and accounting.
  • Additionally, you have to do a statistics and algebra course, especially in the initial two study years. Further, a student will have to delve deeper; they have to encounter plenty of new mathematics classes.So you can expect to tackle a calculus course early then advance later on as you progress in your course.
    International students have an opportunity to enroll and take a couple of social sciences programs. However, you only have to undertake economics I and II that you have to take in quick succession. The first course covers microeconomics, complete with theories and economic issues, while the latter deals with macroeconomics.
    Business classes always start with an introductory accounting course, such as managerial and financial accounting. Additionally, plenty of universities need some courses that touch on business law.  Therefore, expect to take an introductory course, especially in diverse business disciplines like finance, business administration, and marketing. Besides all these, other classes can include organizational behavior and leadership classes.
    Crucially within the curricula entails the fundamental courses. Such courses will form the accounting program’s backbone and provide learners with the necessary skills to get employment post-graduation. Additionally, expect to do courses in advanced managerial and financial accounting, tax code, auditing, federal income, taxation, etc. Further, students can pick diverse concentrations like international business systems or accounting. Some universities can also provide courses covering subjects like forensic accounting, accounting, research, financial statements analysis, etc.
  • Time management. It will prove key to pay attention to time management. Most students will get more limited time because of the increased and intense coursework. To study accounting needs, a humongous time commitment as the workload will grow as your course progresses. Therefore, as an international student, you have to keep a schedule that can become efficient and effective when it comes to your time. Students have to set aside some time for assignments or studies besides planning around each of their classes. Here, you can elect to visit the library to study because of its serene environment that promotes effective studying. Additionally, you have to delegate some time to yourself to unwind and relax from the tasking coursework.
  • Plenty of organizations and clubs. While students undertaking an accounting course can expect course work and time management constraints, students can also receive support services. Plenty of organizations and clubs exist for this very reason to support international students pursuing accounting. Additionally, a lot of schools will also provide mock investment crews and finance clubs. One such key feature of an accounting major entails its robust alumni base, which often proves willing to mentor an existing accounting student.  
    Also, accounting students should expect plenty of organizations to welcome them besides the possibility of playing diverse roles while on campus. Plenty of student governments search for learners to help them either as treasury assistants or as treasurers. Other schools contain an Alpha Sigma Pi chapter, the accounting professional, and the national investment fraternity. Such groups assist students who cannot figure out how to go about studying accounting.


You can expect a lot when you decide to pursue accounting as a major in school. If you did not know, you hopefully now understand what to expect from the article’s guidelines above. So, good luck on your accounting journey, especially if it is what you want.