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The Importance of Homework in Learning

Generally, children hate doing their homework. Honestly, it is not totally their fault. They are mostly tired after school work and all they want to do at home is to take a break. Most of the time, games and other fun activities distract them from doing their home assignments. Parents find this situation challenging too. 

Often, parents and their children disagree whenever their children refuse to get their home tasks done. Even though working on homework is a strenuous process for both parents and children, the importance of homework must never be ignored. Apart from making children complete a task, listed below are important roles homework plays in the learning process of children.

  1. Homework instils in children independence and self-discipline 

Getting to complete a task after school creates an awareness in children to be responsible. Homework becomes their responsibility and they will be held accountable for their failure to complete the task. Also, children have to do their homework with or without supervision. That leads them to a path of independence. 

Moreover, knowing that the teachers expect the completed assignments to be submitted before the deadline instils some sense of self discipline in them. All these are skills children need to become functional in the future.

  1. Children Learn to Be Resourceful from Working on Homework

Homework encourages children to go out of their comfort zone to complete a task. Hence, they learn how to research and use books and the internet to get information. This hones their ability to conduct research and they have more experience learning through external and reliable sources.  Also, this boosts their problem solving skills and ability to handle situations independently in the future.

  1. Homework Provides a Chance for Parents to Monitor Their Children’s Academic Performance

With homework, parents have an idea of their children’s academic performance. Also, they get to keep track of their children’s progress in school. Likewise, they can play an active role in their children’s education by helping with the homework. This can also help to improve the children’s performance because they are learning from the people they love and understand them the most. 

  1. Homework Allows Children to Retain Knowledge

If homework is not given, children will easily forget what they are taught in school. However, children have the opportunity to recap information taught in the class while working on assignments. Moreover, home assignment makes education more real and practical for children. This will make the retention of knowledge possible and learning more effective.


Although homework plays an important role in the learning process of children, never exhaust them with too much workload. Too much homework is stressful and puts a lot of pressure on children. That could negatively affect the physical and mental health of a child. 

Allow your child to take a 15-minute break in between each assignment so they won’t lose interest and concentration. Also, helping your children with their difficult homework will go a long way to encourage them to do their assignments.

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